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      Mites to Men: A hockey tournament

      Hockey players of all ages and areas are coming together this weekend at the Ludington Park.

      Anyone is welcome to watch the fourth annual Mites to Men pond hockey tournament. Hosted by the Escanaba Area Junior Hockey Association, teams signed up in advance to compete and hopefully win.

      â??I havenâ??t got first place once, but we got last place twice, Iâ??m pretty sure,â?? said hockey player Morgan Johnson.

      The tournament draws players from all areas of Michigan.

      â??Iâ??m from Saginaw,â?? Johnson said. â??It took about six hours to get up here. It was a long drive.â??

      With multiple rinks, spectators can expect to see varying levels of athleticism at any time Sawyer Lamarchâ??s brother plays for the Ice Breakers.

      â??I play for Binkâ??s Coca Cola, squirts,â?? said Elizabeth Sliva.

      In addition to hockey, there are beer and warming tents, food, raffles, and an open skate rink. With all the activities, everyone has their favorite part. Sliva said she enjoys being in nature and on the lake.

      â??I like watching my brother win,â?? said Mya Streichert.

      For those looking to watch a little pond puck, the tournament is taking place Friday through Feb. 2.