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      Mixed Martial Arts school in Iron Mountain

      Thereâ??s no doubt about it. Mixed Martial Arts is an intense activity.

      But as school owner and instructor Stan Myaskovskiy explained, MMA is good for the soul.

      â??Like Bruce Lee said, â??You want to be like water; you can't break water,â??â?? explained Myaskovskiy. â??You put it in a cup, it's in the shape of a cup, and so you have to be calm and collected.â??

      The school, MMAdness Combat, just opened its doors this past month, and excited MMA-ers are enjoying the classes so far.

      â??The technique is fun. Itâ??s a really good workout,â?? said student Dane Bronzyk. â??I like coming here; these guys are good.â??

      They also offer yoga courses, something that Stan said is crucial to Mixed Martial Arts.

      â??In MMA, it can be kind of crazy if someone's coming at you to knock you out; you have to be calm and focused and find your center,â?? Stan explained. â??One of the great things yoga offers is an opportunity to get your focus, almost meditated, not being worried or overcome in a situation.â??

      And when it comes to MMA, strategy is king.

      â??Technique is the most important thing, and technique will beat strength as long as it's sound technique,â?? Myaskovskiy said. â??We want to teach every step. You could be small, but if you have the right technique, you can definitely overcome a larger opponent.â??

      MMA classes are available Monday through Friday from 4-8 p.m., with yoga starting beforehand.

      If youâ??re interested in taking a course, you can call MMAdness Combat at (906) 239-0543 or visit them at 407 Carpenter Avenue in Iron Mountain.