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      Mixed opening day results for deer hunters

      Opening day of regular firearm season is what many people call a U.P. holiday. Tuesday morning, we went out with an experienced hunter to see how the deer look this year.

      Like many U.P. natives, Tom Dolaskie has been hunting since he was just four or five years old. But he's never had to face the challenge we presented him with: pull it all off opening day with a novice TV6 hunter/reporter in tow.

      We didn't go all out with expensive tools into the blind; instead we took Dolaskie's tried-and-true 'study' approach.

      "They can get five dollars out of you for a little can of deer pee, and they're going to try and tell you that it works," said Dolaskie, co-founder of "My opinion is that if you focus on the deer, learn what they do, you're going to be just as successful."

      Unfortunately, we didn't bag, or even see, a buck Tuesday morning, but that wasn't the same story for another hunter in the area.

      Larry Depalma bagged a six-point buck early Tuesday morning with just one shot.

      "I went to look up and there he was, head down and everything," said Depalma. "Kind of the perfect opportunity to get the gun up quick and wait."

      Midway store owners say they expect to see a lot more hunters coming in this season.

      "Everybody is telling me they're seeing more deer this year than they have in the past," says store owner Pat Skorupski.

      Dolaskie says he'll just have to wait and see.

      "There's additional numbers, and people think the herd is up a little bit, but that remains to be seen," Dolaskie said. "Unfortunately for me, I've already racked one up this year worth $4,000 in damage to my Toyota Tundra. I'm trying to get one the right way."