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      Mixing business with pleasure

      For some it's a thrill to test new equipment.

      Nortrax Deere's Dirt Day allowed visitors to do just that--providing them an opportunity to explore their new machinery. After a long winter, contractors are eager to hit the construction season and machinery plays a major role at the job site. The Deere event allowed everyone to test out equipment.

      Anyone who attended was able to hop in the driver's seat and test drive everything from excavators to bulldozers.

      Just in time for Earth Day, the new models have been fixed up to meet the increasingly strict emissions standards.

      "The big talk is trying to meet the standards of emissions, and so we have several machines behind us that meet the new emission standards for 2012 into 2015," said Ken Knauf, general manager.

      Although there's the saying, 'Never mix business with pleasure,' this gave many the opportunity to break that rule.