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      MLK Day

      Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and students at North Dickinson County School learned about him in a rather unconventional way.

      Students here at North Dickinson County School are learning about Martin Luther King through their classmates. The hope is that these kids will have a better understanding of the man if they learn it through people, closer to their own age...their peers.

      â??We tell them what he did. We read a book to them last week,â?? says Teagan King. â??Now we're taking the kids and giving them a worksheet and just showing them, like, having them answer questions about what he's done and what they like about what he's done.â??

      So the student council teaches the fourth graders about MLK and then the fourth graders teach the first, second, and third graders.

      â??I think it's important that kids know what he did because he was such a great figure in the civil rights movement, and for them to understand what he did will help them know how great of a person he was,â?? says Dylan Dario.

      Even at a young age, the kids are beginning to understand why he was such an important person in America's history.

      â??He liked to solve things in a non-violent wa,y and he led peaceful marches,â?? said Masyn Alexa.

      The kids were also asked to do an art project, showing their own dreams, which will be put up all around the community.