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      Mobile Banking

      Delta County Credit Union unveiled their new free mobile banking app about three weeks ago. Any member with a Droid, iPhone, or tablet can use it. The credit union has just under 12,000 members.

      Two thousand of them have mobile banking, but about 300 have downloaded the new mobile app.

      Kristi Hansen recently downloaded the mobile app on her iPhone. Now she has 24/7 access to her business and personal accounts. Having her accounts on her phone means she can skip the lines at the credit union.

      â??I go into my credit union when I deposit checks,â?? explains Hansen. â??Anything else I do like transferring money, printing out my statements, I do online."

      Hansen says she's not worried about less security.

      â??I'm very confident that when I log into my account, nothing will be compromised, and everything will be safe," says Hansen.

      Every time she logs in, she has to enter her username and password. The app logs you out after 60 seconds of inactivity.

      As for statements, they're no longer sitting in the mailbox. They're right there on the phone. Members say one of the benefits they like about online banking and mobile banking is the ability to not have any sort of paper trail from statements left behind.

      Another benefit is that Hansen now has more time.

      â??It does save on paper use. It does save on shredding. Nobody can get into my systems, so I go ahead and keep everything there and it's safe for me," says Hansen.

      Officials say mobile banking is catching on with members of all ages. They've got young members and ones as old as 65 logging on to this digital trend.