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      Mock accident keeps police recruits on their toes

      The scene was pretty scary at first.

      Victims and blood everywhere.

      But don't worry; It was all a part of a mock accident scenario created for recruits enrolled in Northern Michigan University's Regional Police Academy.

      "This morning we were going through scenarios and they were on a much less scale. So I was kind of expecting the same as this morning. And then I came out and we saw this and it was a reality check. It was, 'yea this can happen at any given time,'" said James McDonough, NMU Recruit.

      Ten recruits have been enrolled in NMU's Regional Police Academy since May 4th this year, learning everything from defensive tactics and criminal justice to firearms and first aid.

      But much of their training has been through hands-on practicals, like Friday's mock accident scenario.

      "When you're in a classroom setting, when you're in a power point, you don't get that and you can't train for that. There's book smart and then there's practicality smart. So we try and get as practical as we can," said Adam Maynard, NMU Public Safety Officer.

      During the mock accident, which involved a bus donated by Checker Cab, the recruits learned how to successfully and effectively be the first responders on scene.

      "They are going to be police officers, however as part of that, EMS is a very big portion of it. A lot of times they're first responders, first on the scene, and you can't really prepare for that," said Maynard.

      The recruits say the 16-week training course has done more than just teach them about law enforcement and first aid.

      They say you start to see the world differently.

      "Physically, we've definitely all gotten a lot more physically fit. But from day one to now, you see more situations. You notice more things, definitely. You're always looking at things differently now," said Chad Olson, NMU Recruit.

      Graduation day for the recruits is Tuesday August 19th.

      Upon completion of the course, each recruit will be a licensed police officer, able to apply and work for most police stations in the U.S.

      Everyone at TV6 & FOX UP wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors.