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      Mock horrific crash teaches students a life lesson on drunk driving

      Students at Jeffers High School were able to witness some consequences of drinking and driving during a mock accident on Thursday morning.

      Michigan State Police, along with Mercy EMS and Hurontown Fire and Rescue, replicated the scene of an accident using two mangled cars. Police, fire and paramedics demonstrated the steps they take during a real emergency situation. Students from the school were also part of the mock accident, playing the parts of the drunk driver and the victim killed.

      Students say the scene was a brutal wake-up call about the dangers of drunk driving.

      "It was kind of scary though, because the car was being torn apart and you could hear all the metal being squished together, and the glass was shattering around me," said student Haley Makela.

      "It was pretty intense," added student Jacob Tuomi. "There's nothing really to prepare you for it, so I was kind of shocked."

      The students also heard from a guest speaker who was involved in a fatal drunk driving accident as a teenager.