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      Mock shooting at Kingsford High School

      Itâ??s a difficult subject to talk about, an issue some may wish would just go away, but the fact is, schools need to be prepared for any gun violence that could enter their buildings. And Kingsford High School is starting right away.

      Monday afternoon, an Active Shooter training took place; it was a way to show faculty and staff the appropriate procedures to take in the event of a school shooting.

      Lead Kingsford Middle School teacher Doug Roberts anticipated the mock shooting.

      "This is the fist time Iâ??ve ever been involved in an activity with an active shooter,â?? says Roberts, â??so Iâ??m really looking forward to it and just learning new techniques."

      Itâ??s one thing to explain to someone the right procedures, it's another to throw them into the real-life scenario and show them the right way to protect students.

      Students were dismissed half-day in order for law enforcement and security to effectively teach the faculty the safety precautions.

      â??The most important thing is we want them to learn how to buy time,â?? explains Michigan State Police Trooper Matt Peters, â??which is going to keep them safe until first responders can arrive on scene and arrest the threat of a shooter in a school."

      Real gunfire was heard throughout the school, ramping up the stress levels in the participants. The active shooter, Lieutenant Don Brown of the Michigan State Police, regularly does these types of trainings.

      â??Iâ??ve done approximately 190 schools,â?? explains Brown, â??and continue to do all of them--public, private, charter, day cares."

      Even though the training was just a simulation, the reality still stands that gun violence will continue to be an issue. So the question is, are our faculty well-equipped to ensure our children are safe?

      That was the question the school wanted to ask, and with this training, hopefully teachers can answer that question by feeling well prepared for a school crisis.