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      Monarch way station has visitors

      One of two caterpillars found in the Rainbow Rest Stop on July 14

      At the end of May we gave you an update with this year's progress on the TV6/Fox UP Monarch way station, fondly called the Rainbow Rest Stop.

      We have been hearing reports from people of the Monarchs in their portion of the UP. Early indications showed the southern portions of the peninsula had a lot of butterflies. In the northern counties, things were very quiet.

      It's starting to turn around now. More residents in the northern counties have been telling us about Monarch's in their gardens. As for the Rainbow Rest Stop, we have not seen any yet. But they have found us!

      In checking on the condition of the garden Monday morning two caterpillars have been spotted. There is evidence of more milkweed leaves being eaten, so there could be more. However we didn't want to disturb them just in case. In addition, the blooms are out on most of the plants, and the smell is very therapeutic.

      If you have an update to share on your Monarch viewing this summer, please tell us. Comment here or on our facebook page, where we have a full photo album of the progress of the way station.