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      Moose cow and calf sighted at Presque Isle

      The Mining Journal and Marquette City Police say there was a cow and calf moose on Presque Isle that was sighted on Wednesday.

      The police are urging people to stay clear of the animals.

      "Like any wild animal, moose are unpredictable," said Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Biologist Brian Roell. "Especially when dealing with a mother and her calf, getting too close could pose an extremely dangerous human safety situation if the cow feels it needs to protect her calf." We received pictures and video courtesy of the Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust. These images were recorded last week. So what brings moose so close to Marquette, especially Presque Isle? "Moose are occasionally attracted to the island, possibly because they are following forested habitat from north to south along the lakeshore and unintentionally end up there," Roell added. "Typically, the animals soon realize the island is not where they want to be long-term and will make their way back out into normal habitat when left alone."