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      Moose mystery has DNR baffled

      Two dead moose found on Wednesday in Marquette County have people from the Department of Natural Resources scratching their heads.

      Both of the moose were found near the roadside. A cow was found on Marquette County Road LB, west of Republic. The other moose, a yearling calf, was found on Marquette County Road 478 near the Greenwood Reservoir.

      At this point in time the DNR does not know the cause of death, however they do not suspect poachers or vehicle strikes are to blame. Samples from the moose have been sent to the DNR lab in Lansing for more testing.

      "We're not alarmed or anything at this time, but yea, if we saw this as a pattern it would cause us to have a little bit more concern with what's going on," said DNR Biologist Brian Roell.

      The results from the testing could answer many questions that the DNR has regarding these moose, but it could take as long as a month to get those results. The carcasses were brought to state land for other wildlife to feed on.