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      Moose poaching turns out to be a hoax

      The Department of Natural Resources says a moose poaching case reported in October was a hoax.

      The case started when DNR officials were alerted to the discovery of a severed moose head near Helen Lake in Humboldt Township. The head was found on a rock with a sign next to it saying, "wolves won't get this one".

      An investigation determined the moose had been legally harvested and imported from Canada.

      The hunter kept the meat and antlers and left the rest of carcass with a processor for disposal.

      "While the outcome of this case is positive, in the sense that a moose poaching did not take place, it is also disheartening that someone chose to express themselves in this manner, which resulted in a waste of public resources, through the time and expense involved in investigating and closing this case," said DNR Lt. Timothy Robson.

      Anyone with information should call the DNR at (906) 228-6561.