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      Moose rescue near Big Bay

      Six snowmobilers came across a moose in distress in Silver Lake near Big Bay on Sunday afternoon.

      The men were out for a Sunday ride, and around 2 p.m., they spotted the two-year-old bull moose that had fallen through the ice.

      What would you do if you came upon an animal that had fallen through the ice?

      They were able to get a rope around the antlers of the animal, and through their muscle and the moose's effort, were able to get the 700 pound animal free from the icy water.

      "Speaking for all of us is we did it because we do love the outdoors and snowmobiling, you see a lot of different things and it's something that you've never probably will ever come across ever again," said one of the rescuers, Ryan Pizziola.

      The DNRE was initially contacted about the moose by other bystanders, but the bystanders couldn't give a precise location of the moose. Further, it would have taken well over an hour for the DNRE to arrive at the scene, at which time the moose would have likely perished.

      Fortunately, the snowmobilers happened upon scene and made the rescue.


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