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      Moose spotted where?

      You never know what you will see driving down US-41 until you get to Three Lakes where you might see a moose.

      "Well, I got one and no one else does, that's one thing. It's different to have a moose and to have it right on your property," said Arnold Gangl, Lake Ruth Resort.

      Standing at eight feet tall in the middle of Lake Ruth Resort is a towering moose. At a distance it looks like the real thing, but a closer look and you will see otherwise. It's made of wood, White Pine to be exact, created by Jon Mykkanen with Woodworks Chainsaw Carving.

      "The whole while thinking that I would put the legs in a striding position and his head slightly turned so that he'd look like he was looking down the highway before he crossed. That will give a little better view for the folks coming down the highway as to the horns," said Jon Mykkanen, chainsaw carver.

      It's the biggest he's ever carved. However, how do you move this 800 pound giant? With a loader, of course.

      "You know hooking this up like this is all a big guess because when have you ever moved a moose before? When do you actually pick up a moose and move it," Mykkanen said.

      The moose is made of five pieces. It took the carvers several months to make the creation. Then it took them a couple tries to get it pieced together; an hour later, the body is the last section to be added.

      "Yeah, it was pretty good, just pieces. Just cautious; put it together pretty good. Just glad nothing broke," Gangl said.

      Lake Ruth Resort owners love to go looking for moose and are hoping this one will bring a crowd.

      So if you are ever in the Three Lakes area, don't forget to stop by Lake Ruth Resort to see this huge moose and snap a picture.