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      More details on Monday high speed chase

      The Marquette City Police Department has identified the two suspects involved in a high speed chase on Monday that ended in Alger County.

      Tyler Voet, 18, and 20-year-old Christopher T. Smith are currently held in Marquette County Jail.

      The men were wanted in connection to a breaking and entering of a game ranch in Waushara County, Wisconsin early last week. During the alleged breaking and entering, a large amount of guns and cash was taken.

      The Marquette City Police had contact with the two individuals prior to knowledge of the Waushara County incident. Police had contact with the two men on November 11; they were acting suspiciously and consuming alcohol under age, according to the authorities.

      Marquette police were contacted by the Waushara County Detectives on Sunday and told that the suspects were currently in the Marquette area.

      "All the agencies whether there is state, local, county or federal, all work very well together to try to get outcomes like this," said Detective Gordon Warchock of the Marquette Police Department. "It's common practice that in major crimes like this we all come together to investigate them the best we can and bring them to a conclusion as peacefully and safely as possible."

      Local authorities attempted to locate the 1999 Chrysler 300 that the suspects recently purchased on Monday morning. The vehicle was spotted on US-41, near Harvey, then stopped at the McDonalds restaurant. A woman got out of the car, leaving two men inside.

      The two men took off towards Marquette when they were stopped by a police officer. As the officer approached the vehicle, the suspects fled. A chase ensued at speeds over 100 miles an hour and ended on N. Peterson Road in Alger County after the vehicle suffered engine failure.

      The driver of the vehicle was arrested after being tasered during a short chase. The passenger of the vehicle escaped and received a ride to Marquette from a person he had approached that lived in the area.

      Police officers went to an apartment in South Marquette where they believed the passenger had gone. Two suspects were found hiding in the apartment, both wanted in connection to the Waushara County breaking and entering. The other suspect taken into custody was a 15-year-old boy from Wisconsin.

      Police also discovered several handguns and some cash connected to the Wisconsin investigation.