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      More happy and healthy students thanks to school clinic expansion

      Thanks to a $500,000 federal grant, Gwinn High School's Teen Clinic expansion is finally complete. Clinic staff, who treat an estimated 500 patients a year, say it was well needed.From throat cultures to basic check-ups, Gwinn High Schoolâ??s in-house clinic handles almost anything. It initially opened in 2011 targeting under- or uninsured students. But a small space and no running water made treatment difficult.Now, thanks to a half million dollar grant, the clinic is triple in size with two exam rooms and offices and a therapy room."I come down here all the time," said Tori Dean, a GHS senior. "If I have anything wrong with me, then I'll just be like â??Jill can you help me?â??""Itâ??s readily accessible," said Jill Magel, the Physician Assistant in the clinic. "Students can come down from class rather than be taken out of school."And when treating up to 15 students a day, Magel says more space helps to keep more individuals in the building happy and healthy.