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      More jobs!

      Thanks to a the new program, "Plus One," 49 Marquette County businesses were able to create a total of 293 new jobs in 2012.

      The businesses were recognized for their participation in the Plus One Program during the Lake Superior Community Partnership's Annual Meeting and Investor Briefing held at Northern Michigan University.

      Michigan Works and the LSCP's Plus One program's purpose is to have local business add at least one employee to their staff. This helps contribute to Marquette County's economic development.

      CEO of LSCP, Amy Clickner said, "Well, one of the reasons I love my job so much is because I do believe together we make a difference in the community, and the results of that, we are sharing with the community today, really show that if it's a job, if it's a better bottom line for a business, if it's an attraction of a new business, it all helps our communities be successful."

      Local business owner of Yooper Shirts, Jeremy Symons, says the Plus One program has helped him grow his business.

      "Employees are everything. I've grown from a one man operation into needing additional help. It's good to be able to give somebody a job in this type of economic structure," said Symons.

      The goal of the program is a one percent increase in the Marquette County workforce each year. Last year, they reached their goal.

      Since the beginning of the program six years ago, Marquette County businesses have created 1,781 jobs.