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      More money for state-owned property

      Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that could see Marquette County getting more money for state-owned property.

      The payment in lieu of taxes, or PILT reform, was signed Wednesday. The reform means local units of government who sell land to the state will receive payment for the land in full and on time. The state will also face new penalties if it fails to make payments on time.

      The payment reform could also see an increased rate on the land from two dollars an acre to four dollars.

      Marquette County has a wait-and-see attitude regarding the new law.

      "I guess there's still a question out there as far as how the legislative appropriations process is going to work and whether we're actually going to see that total increase. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out, but it's definitely a step in the right direction," said Anne Giroux, Marquette County Treasurer.

      Senator Tom Casperson was one of the sponsors for the new legislation.

      The state of Michigan owns more than 260,000 acres of land in Marquette County.