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      More patrols at a Marquette beach popular for camping

      Marquette Police have stepped up patrols at a city beach that has attracted campers for several years. Throughout this summer, they've received some complaints of people camping and leaving garbage in the area at Founder's Landing that some locals call "Bum's Jungle."

      Marquette Police Captain Blake Rieboldt said it is a small group of people who are using the hidden space for a purpose that it is not designed for. Now the department has increased their presence in the area, especially at night.

      "We're just trying to educate these people that it's intended for the public to use, not to camp at and to try to clean up after yourselves when people are down here," said Rieboldt.

      Most of the area has been cleaned up. In the state of Michigan, fines for littering something even as small as a cigarette butt could cost up to $800.