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      More small businesses for Upper Peninsula?

      Small business owner Beth Millner finally saw her lifelong passion of jewelry crafting come to life. She spent five years going to craft shows, but after getting the financial foundation to open her store last year, business has been better than ever. â??My business more than doubled after opening here over last year,â?? says Millner. â??I kind of think itâ??s going to double again this year.â?? Millner attributes her success to Northern Initiatives ( adding that the window of opportunity aided the achievement of her American Dream. â??I wouldnâ??t of been able to buy this building unless they would have helped with that,â?? she says. Dennis West of Northern Initiatives explains they â??work with small family-owned businesses.â?? â??Itâ??s very exciting to see people add jobs and do great things for the local economy,â?? he adds. West says Millner is one of 700 success stories they've helped with over $38 million in loans. And now, thanks to the U.S. Small Business Administration expanding their Community Advantage Program, they hope to help many more. â??Itâ??s available for loans less than $250,000,â?? West explains. â??We're able to put a federal guarantee on some of our loans. Itâ??s a tool thatâ??s enabling us to be able to do more loans, in more places.â?? Northern Initiatives is aiming to give out 100 loans this year, which is double last year.