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      More tech jobs for the Upper Peninsula

      More jobs are coming to Houghton and Hancock.

      Since 2002, the MTEC SmartZone has created 260 jobs, and their goal is to create 750 jobs within the next 10 years. The SmartZone recently celebrated the graduation of Talon Research, a company which developed the technology to inspect bridges with an infrared scanning system.

      "The SmartZone was able to bring together a number of resources for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and so by being located here in Houghton and Hancock, we're able to bring a lot of those resources that would otherwise go to other areas of the state and put them to work here in the local community," said SmartZone director, Jonathan Leinonen.

      MTEC SmartZone also welcomed a new satellite software development company from downstate called Controltec.

      Fifteen companies have been through MTEC SmartZone and nine have graduated.