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      Most fireworks allowed in Michigan and Wisconsin

      According to the American Pyrotechnic Association, American consumers can spend around $600 million on fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend. But not all states permit the use of fireworks, which is why vendors at a firework tent in Spread Eagle, Wisconsin see many different pyrotechnics coming in.

      â??We have people from Wisconsin, Michigan, people traveling from Ohio, a lot of Illinois people coming up, traveling for the holiday, so we see lots of different license plates,â?? said vendor, Syvannah Wollmer.

      For cities and towns like Iron Mountain and Spread Eagle which border the Wisconsin-Michigan state line, the rules and regulations can be a bit confusing.

      Up until 2012 in the State of Michigan, a firework, like a Roman Candle or a mortar would have been illegal, but newer legislation now makes all fireworks permissible. Prior to that legislation in 2012, fireworks that moved, shot out items, or flew in the air were illegal. Now, both Michigan and Wisconsin consumers can buy and use any firework that can be purchased at a store or tent. Still, many of the fireworks are large and can be dangerous.

      â??Roman Candles, the common myth is that you can hold them in your hand; as kids a lot of people did,â?? Wollmer said. â??They can malfunction; it's the nature of fireworks, they can go off in your hand. Youâ??re supposed to have them in the ground and make a sturdy post for them.â??

      Local law enforcement also encourages safety as a top priority during the weekend.

      â??You should be very cautious when using fireworks, as we know that they have different items in them that could cause fire and burning of the skin,â?? said Lieutenant Christine Grabowski with the Michigan State Police. â??When using fireworks, you want to make sure you're in an area that's safe, not around pets or small children.â??

      As far as where you can shoot off fireworks, in Michigan, you're not allowed to set them off on public or school property, but only on your private property. Each city and town can have their own ordinances about which days and times to set them off.

      â??Itâ??s best to contact your local police department if you live in a city to find out what are the hours that you're able to shoot the fireworks off,â?? Grabowksi said.

      In any case and any state that allows fireworks, it's always best to play it safe, but to also have fun.