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      Mostly clear skies for Perseids and possible aurora

      Your weather in a nutshell: mostly clear under high pressure.

      A high pressure system is overhead Saturday and it looks likely to move slowly east over the following week, meaning that the commonly clear and calm conditions associated with high pressure should stick around for a while. The only exception is Sunday night. More on that below.

      For Saturday, highs will be in the upper 60s near the lakes to low 70s inland. Winds will be light and skies will be mostly sunny, but some clouds may move in during the afternoon.

      Saturday night, temperatures will drop into mainly the low 50s, but cooler inland. Skies will be mostly clear.

      These clear skies will be good for viewing the possible northern lights and the Perseid Meteor Shower which reaches it's peak Sunday night and Monday night. Saturday night should also have a good view of the meteors, as well as after Monday.

      Sunday may be a couple degrees warmer. Highs will mainly be in the low 70s, relatively seasonal for this time of year. Sunday into parts of Monday are the exceptions to the generally clear week ahead. A weak cold front will pass over Upper Michigan giving us partly to mostly cloudy skies and some light rain.

      Rain is likely, but rain amounts are likely to be low. There is a chance for a few thundershowers as it passes, which may provide locally moderate rainfall. Ultimately, rain may last Sunday night overnight into early Monday before becoming clear again.

      Sunday night's lows will be in the 40s to low 50s. Monday's highs will be in the 60s to low 70s.

      Tuesday and Wednesday will be a bit cooler, but Thursday and Friday will be warmer as high pressure begins to pull away and winds pick up out of the south. As of Saturday morning, Tuesday through Friday are looking to be dry and mostly sunny. There may be some rain or thunderstorms on Saturday, but because it is so far out, it is highly uncertain.

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