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      Mothers' Day gift ideas

      Mothers around the world will be celebrated this Sunday for Motherâ??s Day. Itâ??s the one day out of the year that we set aside to thank our mothers for their role in our lives.

      A tough question many face in the days before the holiday is what to get your mother to show your appreciation.

      Chocolates and candy are always a good place to start. According to Christina Irwin, co-owner of Houghton candy store, The Yummy Bar, itâ??s not a pricey gift, either.

      â??We have stuff from ten cents all the way up to maybe $3.75 for a beautiful truffle,â?? she said. â??So, it could be something from the case, and you can put together a special little box and make a beautiful gift.â??

      Flowers are also a classic option. Deb Kinzi from The Blue Iris said an arrangement of fresh flowers like roses, lilies, or daisies are always a hit for Motherâ??s Day.

      An arrangement can be made to order from $10 to $100 depending on your budget and taste, but Kinzi said hanging plants are also a great option.

      â??Those are something that last the whole summer long, so your mom gets more than just a day out of it,â?? she said.

      Though itâ??s true that flowers and chocolates donâ??t last a long time, the old adage, â??Itâ??s the thought that counts,â?? may hold true in this case.

      â??Itâ??s something that their child or their spouse came in and handpicked for them, so they feel special,â?? said Irwin.

      â??Youâ??re buying them something thatâ??s very ephemeral thatâ??s not going to last a whole line, but itâ??s going to be so beautiful in the moment that you get it,â?? added Kinzi. â??Youâ??re willing to spend the money and do for just that moment of beauty.â??

      We asked mothers on our Facebook page what they would like for Motherâ??s Day. While some said flowers and chocolates are enjoyable gifts, many expressed that they would just like to spend some time with their families.

      It may only be just one day out of the year, but thereâ??s never a bad time to show your mom some appreciation and a little TLC.