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      Motions owner recognized as a top U.S. trainer

      Small hometown gym, Motions Fitness, is doing great big things, all thanks to Mike Koskiniemi. He just got back from Chicago where he was named one of the top ten personal trainers to watch by the American Council on Exercise and Life Fitness.

      "I was like wow, this is kind of crazy," said Koskiniemi. "I've been selected out of 300 people within American to be in the top 10, and I was, like, if we can crack the top ten, this is really going to put Motions and Marquette and myself in a great position."

      In the last 10 years, Motions helped their members lose a total of 100,000 pounds through specially designed programs.

      "What separates us from everywhere is our cutting edge research and techniques," Koskiniemi said. "What we're doing is eliminating pain within one session so people that have back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, who have seen four specialists, they come here and within 45 minutes, their pain is gone."

      Koskiniemi said he's been so successful because of his special training program called "stick, stretch and strength," which he's shared not only with the trainers at his fitness center but at fitness centers across the country.

      Koskiniemi has been a trainer to trainers, teaching more than 100 fitness professionals. His interactive workouts are used in local school physical education programs and with seniors. They're as fun as they are intensive.

      "I never particularly liked gyms, but it's been a really positive place, feel really good when I walk in here," said Motions member, Sue Acocks.

      "You know, if a day goes when you miss it, you really feel guilty," said Motions member, Al Hendra.

      But Koskiniemi isn't taking all the credit for his success; he says he couldn't have done it without his Motions employees.