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      Motivational speaker combats bullying

      Sticks and stones can break more than just your bones. That was one of the messages a speaker delivered to students in Gwinn Thursday.

      Gwinn High School hosted motivational speaker Ron Glodoski in an effort to combat bullying. Glodoski captivated an audience of hundreds of middle and high school students as he touched upon a range of topics, promoting healthy lifestyles and learning to embrace one. Glodoski made a point to mention that bullying and abuse is not confined to physical actions, and that words have an impact.

      "I mean it's a stupid nursery rhyme. It should be sticks and stones can break our bones, but the power of a word can end up destroying your spirit, your soul. It can make you numb by the time you're in kindergarten. Verbal abuse is one of the biggest reasons kids give up on life," said Glodoski.

      The speaker and author has made a career visiting schools across the country. This past week, he's been traveling the U.P. before he heads to Arizona next week.