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      Motivational speaker prepares to connect with kids

      A group of area churches has lined up a special motivational speaker, singer/songwriter and comedian to teach middle schoolers in Ishpeming about character.

      Jerry Jacoby has been talking to kids of all ages for nearly 30 years. His message teaches the value of character, integrity and Christian values, but he uses song and amusing stories tailored to specific age groups.

      Jacoby says the key to reaching the kids is remembering what it was like when you were that age.

      "These kids, you know what, times have changed and technology has changed, but being a 14-year-old guy or a 13-year-old girl has not changed. Things that are still important to us, being accepted, trying to be cool, so I'm always doing pieces, stories and songs that talk about that and kids relate," said Jacoby.

      Jacoby has already done his program for students at Aspen Ridge and Neguanee Middle School earlier this week. He'll be speaking at the Ishpeming High School auditorium on Wednesday night at 7 p.m., and there is no charge for the event.