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      Motongator Joe performs in Munising

      Munising residents celebrated Oktoberfest in their own way Saturday.

      The Visitors Bureau and the Moose Lodge hosted the second annual Rocktoberfest. Several local bands lit up the stage. Scott Kusmirek, former drummer for the '90s band, Gin Blossoms, organizes the free event to promote Munising and the U.P. The headline act was Motongator Joe, worldwide performing country singer and U.P. native. He says he loves performing close to home.

      "When I play in Texas, they're always like 'Oh it's so nice to see a Canadian come down here' because of the way I talk. They tease me. But it's nice to come up to the U.P. because they're all like me, so I'm really enjoying this. I relish playing in the U.P. I love it," said Motongator Joe before the show.

      Rocktoberfest also featured food and games for the whole family.