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      Motorcycles are back on the roads

      Winter is gone, and that means motorcycles are coming out on the roads. With the increase in traffic, especially traffic motorists might not yet be used to, Michigan State Police say road safety is extra important.

      "Drivers should pay particular attention to watching for motorcycles now that the weather has warmed up and motorcycles are back and the roadway. They are typically more difficult to see because of their size and sometimes they have a tendency to blend into the background." said Sgt. Kevin Dowling.

      But motorcyclists have to do their part for safety as well. They can do this by wearing colorful and reflective clothing and having their lights on, especially at night.

      Of course, wearing a helmet is never a bad idea either. Motorcyclists can even take safety courses at select locations, such as Bald Eagle Harley Davidson of Marquette.

      "The Riding Academy Course that we have here is all brand new for 2014. And it's geared for people that want to get a cycle endorsement and do it in a safe manner and learn correct riding habits right off the bat." said general manager David Zambon.

      By going to a little extra effort, drivers of all types will ensure fewer accidents on the roads and more summer fun for everyone.