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      Motorcyclists and the dangers on the roads

      Frank Donckers, motorcyclist

      The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning reports in 2012, 2,870 motorcyclists were injured in a crash. Most motorcyclists injured were in the 45-54 year age group.

      The report also found, last year, 129 motorcyclists died from a crash, most of which were in the 25-34 year age group.

      Frank Donckers has been riding motorcycles for the past 50 years, and said he has been hit by a vehicle three times.

      Donckers also said as a motorcyclist, he has to be a very defensive driver because other drivers do not pay attention when he is out on the road.

      "Marquette is one of the worst areas to ride a motorcycle in because we do not receive the respect we should on the road. People cut us off, turn in front of us, and pass coming towards us. They show motorcyclists very little respect. It's almost like you're not there really," said Donckers.

      Last year the state of Michigan changed motorcycle helmet laws. Now the state only requires riders younger than 21 to wear helmets.

      Donckers said he wears his helmet 98 percent of the time and stressed the importance of wearing as much protective gear as possible.