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      Mount Bohemia offers all-inclusive summer resort

      What normally is crawling with skiers and snowboarders during the winter months looks a little different over the summer.

      Instead of people looking for fresh powder, Mount Bohemia attracts visitors looking for the perfect all-inclusive summer resort for less than $100 a day per person.

      â??The hiking trails, Lac la Belle, and Lake Superior, it was just a no-brainer,â?? said Mount Bohemia General Manager, Vern Barber. â??The cool part is you get to try summer toys that most people can't afford or can't afford to own all of those, from the nice paddleboards and great mountain bikes.â??

      This is the second summer Mount Bohemia has offered the resort, and the staff says it's a good use of what the hill already has to offer.

      â??We have all the rugged terrain, and you get to get away from it all, no cell service, not many other people around here,â?? said resort guide Cam Hopper. â??But we also have all the equipment, all the food, we have all the lodging that just makes planning a trip, especially for larger groups like a family, pretty easy and convenient.â??

      Paddleboards, mountain bikes, sea kayaks, fishing rods, and miles of trails for exploring the Keweenaw are included in the price, as well as lodging and meals cooked by the summer staff, who are also on hand to guide visitors on adventures.

      â??On the top of the list are Montreal Falls and Bear Bluff. Those are kind of the big areas that we'll take the sea kayaks to,â?? said Hopper. â??Even just some of our trails up to the cliffs that we have on site-those are pretty breathtaking as well.â??

      It's not only a great deal for visitors, but it's a great source of income for the area during the slower summer months.

      The staff says they hope to be able to continue expanding the program and keep it running for years to come.

      â??We're hoping to offer the guests a complete summer activity package, not just going to a motel or a hotel,â?? said Barber. â??To be able to sea kayak or paddleboard in the same day, or mountain bike, is just a really cool idea.â??

      For more information, visit Mount Bohemia's website here.