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      Movie magic in Marquette

      In May of this year a new movie theatre opened in Marquette Township. Since then, it's state of the art equipment and modern take on movie viewing has wowed the region. It's so good another theatre in Marquette closed a few weeks later.

      There's little doubt the Thomas Theatre Group's Marquette Cinemas is a hit. It features VIP seating, private viewing rooms and even a drive thru to grab merchandise.

      Manager Jeff O'Neill says, "It's a first class facility, everybody comes in here and they're blown away by what they see."

      Sold out crowds on opening weekend has lead to steady crowds through the summer. The hype on the Thomas Group Theatre was so big that the only other movie theater in Marquette, Carmike Theatres, closed their doors just two weeks later. A move that was not expected.

      Pete Revello, another manager at Thomas Theatre, explains. "With our state of the art facility that we have here, there's no way they could actually compete with us, but I didn't think they would close their doors as soon as they did."

      While the general response from viewers has been positive, there is still room for improvement. Some feel the cinema is not handicap friendly enough. An issue that has been heard by the company. The theatre currently has a vision and hearing impaired system, as well ramps which make seating handicapped accessible, but managers say there'll be even more improvements with all viewers in mind.

      The Marquette Township location adds to the Thomas Theatre Group chain in the Upper Peninsula, with other locations in Quinnesec and Escanaba. The Marquette theatre brings a little more to the movies. It has a one of a kind TSX large format screen - the only one in the U.P. and north of Green Bay. They are located on Commerce Drive in Marquette.