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      Moyle Construction settles with employees over pension lawsuit

      Moyle Construction employees have long been on strike for various reasons, but some are finally getting the victory theyâ??ve been striking for.

      A $450,000 settlement was reached at the end of January for a lawsuit regarding pension payments to over 100 employees.

      Moyle workers currently on strike, Darin Burcar and Richard Simons, said it all started about three years ago when they noticed something wasnâ??t right on their paystubs.

      â??They were showing how much was going into my payroll stubs, but when I got my actual statement, it showed I had no balance in my account when I should have had lots of money in it,â?? recalled Burcar. â??So, then I knew something was wrong.â??

      They said they soon realized they werenâ??t the only ones and wrote a letter to Moyle, but said they never got a response.

      â??Personally, I just thought we could sit down and have a meeting, but, like I said, nobody wanted to talk about it,â?? said Simons. â??Itâ??s just sad that it had to come to this. I mean, itâ??s our money. We work for it. Itâ??s part of our wage.â??

      Thatâ??s when they filed a lawsuit against the company over their pension payments and went on strike.

      President of Moyle Construction, Tom Helminen, said the company never denied they were behind on pension payments. He said thereâ??s reason for it.

      â??Itâ??s just a result of the economic conditions,â?? said Helminen. â??Itâ??s taken a long time for the economy to rebound, and weâ??re now on track to get back fully funded.â??

      Helminen said the company struggled to makes ends meet on their pension plan, but in recent years, theyâ??ve had it over 80 percent funded.

      â??If we were behind in our funding and they were working on a certain job, and that job hadnâ??t been funded yet, of course they would see nothing on their statement,â?? he explained.

      But Simons and Burcar said they did what they felt was necessary.

      â??If you want to call it a â??business decision,â?? I had to do it. Iâ??ve got a family to support. This is how it turned out,â?? said Simons.

      Helminen said their payments were delayed much longer than they would have been if there were never a lawsuit in the first place.

      â??We wanted to be making payments much earlier before the settlement happened, but we were prevented to by court,â?? he said. â??Until court approved our settlement agreement, we werenâ??t allowed to deposit it into our pension funds.â??

      Since the settlement, Moyle Construction has made several payments already and is scheduled to have it paid off in a few months.

      Burcar and Simons said they plan to remain on strike until the settlement is paid in full but are anxious to get back to work, even if itâ??s not at Moyle anymore.

      â??Iâ??ve been waiting for two years to go to work,â?? said Burcar. â??Yeah, Iâ??d like to get back.â??

      â??Weâ??re very happy to have this thing resolved,â?? added Helminen.