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      MSHS band prepares for first home game

      It's three days and counting until this year's Marquette Senior High School band steps onto the field for the first home football game.

      Previous band director, Matt Ludwig, stepped down because of a schedule readjustment, but the beat will go on. And after twelve years of retirement, Theresa Chartier is now the new band director.

      "The standard of music performance here is high, and Dr. Ludwig built the program, you can tell. I was expecting summer lips, and these guys come in and they're ready to go," said Chartier.

      This year's band has 70 musicians, and a good chunk of those are freshman. But, Chartier isn't worried; she says each year the seniors step up and take the younger students under their wings.

      And as for the students, they're just happy to be there.

      "I'm really excited. Like last night, I couldn't fall asleep until like 7 a.m. because I was so excited that I just, like, am up thinking about percussion stuff, marching band stuff, and all the drumline stuff. I'm just like super stoked for it to happen," said drum line leader Sarah Lorenz.

      And Chartier's feeling the love, with a warm welcome from her students.

      "You feel the energy in the room? That's all that matters. These kids are great. We've had a core group of them come in and help me out. I had emails from them welcoming me saying thanks," Chartier said.

      The band is preparing all week for the Marquette Redmen's first game this Friday against Denby High School from Detroit.