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      MSP wraps up food drive

      Bags and boxes filled with non perishable food items were loaded into Michigan State Police vehicles.

      Officials even called in back up with kids from the youth group at St. Sebastian Church.

      "Just helping the people that need all this food. I've donated and it makes me feel like a good person to actually help out people who need it," said Brittney Cebolski, volunteer.

      When Michigan State Police post 86 in Wakefield decided to participate in a local charity, they felt hosting a food drive was what the community needed.

      "We thought if we would take the ball and run with it to help stock the shelves. It brings it to light in the community. And, others would come forward and help," said 1Lt. Don Horn.

      They collected items throughout the entire month of April.

      The group delivered their collections to St. Vincent De Paul in Bessemer on Thursday morning."Well, like people that don't have as much food. Like sometimes we always have a lot and we really don't really think about other people that are poor and it's good to kind of give to them," said T.J. Mazurek, volunteer.

      According to Judith Levra the conference president of St. Vincent De Paul in Bessemer they have been low on food donations for months.

      She says they serve between 85-95 people per month.

      Every bag was weighed for a grand total of 1,567 pounds collected in one month.

      "The magnitude of it they really don't know. We serve a lot of people. And, God bless all of the organizations and people that donate to our food pantry," said Judith Levra.