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      MSU College of Human Medicine Celebrates 50 Years

      Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine is celebrating their 50th anniversary.

      Wednesday night, they marked a milestone in their partnership with Marquette General Hospital.

      MSU has been working closely with MGH for over 40 years.

      Together they help solve the medical problems Upper Michigan faces.

      Those include, the long distances patients have to travel, the differences in patient income levels and the need for more medical professionals in rural areas.

      The dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Marsha Rappley, says they're excited to meet the challenges of rural medicine and the future looks bright.

      ??We welcome those challenges because what we're about is providing an education to students who want to have a career in rural medicine, who want tolive and practice in communities like the immediate community of Marquette but also beyond....the entire U.P.?? said Rappley

      The goal of the Marquette General Hospital program is to keep top notch doctors and researchers in Upper Michigan.