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      Mt. Bohemia damaged by snowmobilers

      Late Wednesday night, several snowmobilers chose to deviate off the Lac La Belle Trail and rode up Mount Bohemia, causing damage to a portion of the hill.

      It is still unknown who caused the damage, and it is considered trespassing.

      Unconfirmed reports suspect that visiting snowmobilers from out of town caused the damage.

      "It is snow-related damage, and we're tying to attempt to keep a base for people to ski on right now, and with people trying to dig down on snowmobiles just puts more dirt on top of the snow," said Mountain Manager Mark Lentini.

      From the base of the mountain, Mark was able to point me in the direction of where they found the tracks, and he said the area is not easily accessible, and the snowmobilers definitely went out of their way to drive up the hill.

      "We just had to repack down some snow around it and take out the dirt that was driven up. So just some ski packing and two hours worth of work and we were back where we needed to be."

      The snowmobilers attempted the hill climb on the back side of the mountain, and with this season's low snowfall, it creates poor conditions for skiers.

      When incidents like this occur, it can cause serious issues, and because Mount Bohemia is a back country ski and snowboard area, they don't do any grooming and snowmaking which means they rely 100 percent on natural snowfall.

      Mark says it has been three years since the last incident has occurred, and they won't let what happened keep them from their plans of opening the mountain tomorrow.

      "We've got a new back country ski run that we've added this year that we're really anxious to get people out on, and the more snow the better," Lentini said.

      This was an isolated event, and Mount Bohemia doesn't expect this to happen again. Operations will continue to stay on target.