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      MTEC Smartzone receives new grant for programs

      The MTEC Smartzone in the Keweenaw received a $750,000 grant on Monday from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

      MTEC Smartzone officials say they were asked to submit a proposal because of the overall success of their past programs.

      The grant will help them collaborate with three universities.

      Michigan Tech will join with the Smartzone in order to commercialize the different ideas coming from the university.

      "The second way that we collaborate is that we have a two year opportunity to work with U of M, to work between companies in our area and technologies all over the state, plus companies all over the state have access to Michigan Tech technology," said MTEC Smartzone CEO Marilyn Clark.

      They will also continue their collaboration with Finlandia University in the Entrepreneur Support Center. MTEC Smartzone has already created 250 jobs in the Houghton-Hancock area, and a few weeks ago they revealed their 10-point strategic plan which they say will create 750 more jobs in the area.