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      MTU has comedic play, Fuddy Meers

      Imagine waking up and not knowing who you are. The play "Fuddy Meers" is about a woman who suffers from amnesia.

      Laura Larsen plays the main character, Claire, and throughout the day, she regains her memory by meeting different and very interesting characters.

      "My character, she's very endearing I think. She's almost childlike in some ways because she's very naive about some things because there are so many aspects of her life she can't recall," said actor Laura Larsen.

      This play is definitely for an adult crowd, but the cast says if you're looking for dark humor at its very best and want to laugh and see something unusual, you're going to enjoy it.

      Patricia Helsel is the Assistant Professor of Theater, and she says that everyone has done their part to turn this production into a masterpiece.

      We began rehearsing about five weeks ago. This is our sixth week of rehearsal, so outside of the rehearsals five nights a week for three hours a night, the actors TM memorize lines and that's just the actors TM perspective. We also have student designers who have put in many hours, said Helsel.

      Friction drives and track systems are entirely homemade, and these are just a few of the surprises the student designers have planned for the show.

      "Well from the beginning since August, I've been looking at plans. We've basically been working through the design process and trying to see what we could actually make possible, and with this, we've certainly explored the possibilities," said technical director Zachary Olsen.

      With the months of practice and dedication these performers and crew have put into this play, they are finally ready for a live audience.

      The play begins Thursday in the McArdle Theater at Michigan Tech.