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      MTU statues taking shape

      Winter Carnival statues are starting to shape up at Michigan Tech with a short time left before the "All Nighter" on February 4, but the students are secretive about the specifics of what they're building.

      Playing with icy slush for hours might not sound like fun this time of year. However, the students working on building month-long statues for Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival simply shrug, saying it's part of carnival and could help them win best statue.

      The secrets behind detail work are more guarded than the President's secret service arrangements, but the first year experience group said they're planning a "Star Wars" statue. Students working on the F.Y.E. statue don't know any secrets, but they're learning how to slush, build mass, and chisel out detail. "We do a lot with slushing, which isn't as fancy as glass, but we do a lot of detail work and we try to do our best. We also have a few trade secrets of our own, that unfortunately I can't give you," said F.Y.E. builder, Zack Wheeler. Most groups are also tight lipped about what they're building, but this year's theme, "A Frigid Place Gets A Blast From Space," you would think, might inspire extra-terrestrial sculptures. "It's the first time in 88 years that we've ever had a space theme, so we don't really know what to expect I guess. We're looking for anything this year. It should be new and exciting and we're hopefully not going to have any repeats from past years," said Christa Jung, President of the Blue Key Society.

      While many U.P. residents are sick of clearing out their driveways, Michigan Tech students are glad to see snow, because they hardly had any to work with last year. "It's also been nice because it's been snowing every day, so we get a fresh layer of snow around our sight, every time we come out to work, so it's nice," said Anna Uhl of the Delta Zeta Sorority.

      The official carnival dates are February 4 through 7.

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