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      Mud drags build up an appetite for fair food

      The Marquette County Fair is in full swing.

      On Saturday, many attended the mud drags. Drivers drag race twice down the muddy course, normally two at a time. Winners have the fastest total time between the two runs. The U.P. Mud Drags Association includes all kinds of trucks and skill levels. Fred Minor from Cooks, Michigan has been racing for seven years.

      "It's fun. It's a real adrenaline rush, it really is. Once you get out there and start going it's a real adrenaline rush, and that's what it's all about," said Minor.

      Minor says the course provides a unique challenge because it's entirely sand and dries out faster than dirt courses.

      Elsewhere around the fairgrounds, thousands of people have been enjoying the rides or seeing shows featuring wild animals and other entertainment, but one area is all about food and it sees a lot of traffic. Vendors from all around the area have a spot lining the path offering many kinds of food, including Croatian chicken, popcorn, or even buffalo burgers. Beaver Grove Bison sells buffalo burgers and burritos.

      "Bison is kind of rare around here. A lot of our customers are repeat customers... We get to visit with a lot of people. A lot of people come from out of town," said Jerri Haglund, Co-Owner of Beaver Grove Bison.

      The Haglunds sell buffalo meat from their farm in Marquette and don't venture out in the trailer very often, but they have been selling at the fair for several years. Sunday is the final day for the Marquette County Fair.