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      Multi-million dollar development proposed for Marquette Township

      A multi-million dollar development project in Marquette Township could be coming soon after the township planning commission approved preliminary plans for the project earlier in the week.

      The 70 acre development would be located in the open field near the America Mall and extend to the land behind Lowes. Plans for the structure include retail shops, restaurants and housing.

      Marquette Township officials say they think the development will fit in with their vision for the area.

      "We've become a destination for people traveling, we've seen that," said Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard. "The traffic has increased in the highway areas. What this group is trying to do is blend different kinds of development into one location that may not cater to everybody, but certainly would cater to a majority of individuals that might be looking for some kind of activity."

      The project still has to continue through phases of planning and development. If the project continues, further construction could begin as soon as next spring.