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      Multiplying the good times

      What happens when you take math and add it with high school students? You get the fifth annual math challenge at Northern Michigan University.

      Over 100 students from seven different schools put their math skills to the test Saturday.

      The challenge was created because there was no math related events for students in the central U.P.

      "Mathematical literacy is very important for everyone; even they're not going into math as a career field. This particular event is centered around some fun events," said Andy Poe, Chair of the Math Challenge Committee.

      One of the events was a relay race where students had to complete a problem and pass the answer to the next student so that student could complete another problem with the last answer.

      The challenge is organized by NMU faculty, but is run by NMU math students.

      This year Lake Linden-Hubbell High School took first place this year.