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      Munising residents dig out after heavy snowfall

      Sidewalks in Munising, Michigan after a snowstorm pounded the Upper Peninsula

      Munising residents are still digging their way out of the snow they received this week.

      The strong winds and snowfall has left a blanket of waist-deep snow across the city. Walking on the sidewalks downtown is like walking through a tunnel of snow, and many street signs and entrances to homes are completely buried.

      Many residents are in good spirits and are enjoying the snow.

      "When we were kids, we always had snow like this and we'd build tunnels and we'd always be playing outside, so it's a good reflection of what I had when I was a young child," said Munising visitor, Janeen Chebli.

      "We live for this as Yoopers, and I love the snow banks taller than me," added resident, Mary Jayne Hallifax.

      Thanks to hard working plow truck drivers, most of the roads around the city are getting clearer.

      How do you feel about this much snow? Is it something you look forward to when living in the Upper Peninsula?