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      Munising Trout and Salmon Classic shifting around icebergs

      Saturday will be the start of the 25th Annual Munising Trout and Salmon Classic.

      The Munising Fire Department is hosting the tournament for the second year in a row.

      The two day tournament was originally scheduled for April 17 and 18, but had to be postponed due to icebergs in the lake.

      Initially, they believed pushing the tournament back would decrease attendance, but the fire department hopes the amount of icebergs off of Marquette County's shoreline, will push fishermen to Munising.

      The fire department may still have to alter the tournament.

      "We may cancel the trout division, which there are two divisions, salmon and trout. If that is the case, then the proceeds from the trout division will then feed into the salmon division" says Bromley Hall of the Munising Fire Department.

      The winner of the salmon division would then receive an $8,000 payout.

      Registration for the tournament is $160 per boat. There's unlimited space, but registration ends Saturday May 31.

      The tournament will begin at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday and run through Sunday.

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