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      Mural, mural, on the wall: students showcase their art

      Escanaba High School students are learning about art and doing more than in-class projects...they're actually getting to use what they're learning and show it on the school walls.

      Catherine Uhazie is the ninth through twelfth grade art teacher. Her students collaborated on a creative idea that they turned into an installation piece.

      It took them seven days and a lot of latex paint to come up with the wall mural. Uhazie says the mural is a culmination of what the students learned in class regarding shading and shapes.

      It's displayed on the wall of the F section.

      "Actually, I had the wall installed so we could make it a changing idea all the time," said Uhazie. "And I'd like to change it more, but with the move and the construction, we've been a little bit halted, but that's over now. So we can just do it whenever we feel the mood."

      About 18 art students participated in the project.