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      Murder suspect claims bird watching near crime scene

      Iron County courtroom during the murder trial of David Anthony Levack

      The murder trial of David Anthony Levack continued on Wednesday morning with testimony from one of the victim's caregivers, but one witness testifying on Tuesday claimed he spotted Levack near the crime scene.

      The witness called on Tuesday was a property owner near the home of 81-year-old Joyce Johnson. He said that on the Sunday before Johnson was found, he spotted Levack in camouflage and with binoculars. When he questioned Levack about why he was there, Levack responded by saying he was bird watching and trying to take a picture of a woodpecker.

      One of the first witnesses called on Wednesday was one of the victim's caretakers. The caretaker said that Johnson was a creature of habit. Police found Johnson in the bathtub, and the caretaker said that Johnson didn't like taking baths. She preferred to shower because she didn't like to sit in the dirty water, and she was afraid she couldn't get up.

      The witness also said that Johnson would hang her clothing up when getting into the shower, and her clothing was found on the side of the tub according to authorities. The toilet was also not flushed, which the caretaker said was not like Johnson.

      The trial is in recess. TV6's Beth Cefalu will continue to follow the events happening in Iron County, and we will provide details as they become available.