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      Murder trial begins for Ishpeming man


      Jack Carpenter is not only looking at an open murder charge, he's also facing a felony of firearms charge. He's alleged to have shot and killed 29-year old David Meyer in June 2012.

      The shooting happened in Carpenter's house. The question in this trial is whether Carpenter shot Meyers in self defense or was it murder?

      Both sides provided opening statements as to how David Meyer was killed. The prosecution team says Carpenter was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the altercation with Meyer which resulted in his death. The prosecuting attorney says Carpenter was the attacker.

      "He stood up and got the gun out and approached David Meyer. The evidence will establish from two different individuals that David Meyer said, 'What are you going to do? Shoot me? You going to shoot me? Go ahead and shoot me,'" said Matt Wiese, Prosecuting Attorney.

      The defense says David Meyer was under the influence of drugs throughout the day and went to the store to purchase ingredients for making meth with a friend, Justin Saari. Carpenter went along with the duo.

      The defense attorney says Carpenter wasn't the one initiating the attack; that it was the deceased, David Meyer.

      "He produces this rambo-style hunting knife, under the influence of the illegal controlled substances. David Meyer gets up and says to Jack Carpenter, 'I'm going to kick your ass,'" said Karl Numinen, Defense Attorney.

      The prosecution, presenting their case, called their first witness in Marquette County Sheriff's Deputy Betsy Rochon. She initially responded to the incident after Justin Saari, the eyewitness Wiese questioned Rochon about, how she found the demeanor of the defendant after confronting him about the incident.

      "He wasn't able to stand. His eyes were bloodshot. Every time he spoke, there was a heavy, heavy smell of alcohol on his breath," said Deputy Betsy Rochon, Marquette County Sheriff's Department.

      Expert witnesses were also brought to the stand. Firearms expert, Sergeant William Tyrrell, spoke about his findings on the path of the bullet. The bullet was found in the wall, and he says the bullet had an upward path.

      If found guilty, Carpenter could be convicted with either first degree, second degree murder, or a lesser conviction like manslaughter.

      Trial continues Thursday morning.


      Opening statements began on Wednesday morning in the murder trial of Ishpeming resident, Jack Carpenter.

      Carpenter is being charged with murder in the death of David Meyer. Meyer was shot and killed during an incident in June of 2012.

      During the opening statements, the prosecution stated that Carpenter got up from his chair and pulled out a gun and approached Meyer.

      "Jack Carpenter pulled out a gun next to his chair or from within his chair," said prosecutor, Matt Wiese. "He stood up and had the gun out and approached David Meyer, and the evidence will establish that David Meyer said, 'What are you going to do, shoot me?'"

      The defense read opening statements on Wednesday morning as well, stating that Meyers was threatening and taunting Carpenter with a hunting knife.

      "David Meyer gets up and says back to Carpenter, 'I'm going to kick your ass,'" stated defense attorney Karl Numinen.

      Numinen is arguing that Michigan Stand Your Ground law applies to this trial.

      The first witness was called to the stand after opening statements. Deputy Betsy Rochon was the first witness called, reporting what she noticed when she responded to the scene.

      "[Carpenter's] eyes were blood shot," said Deputy Rochon. "There was a heavy smell of alcohol on his breath."

      Carpenter faces a possible life sentence if convicted of murder.

      We will continue to provide updates from the courtroom as TV6's Jennifer Perez sits in during the trial. Check back here and on our TV6 Early News for the latest information, and follow our Twitter feed as well.