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      Murderer sentenced to life in prison

      Monday was the sentencing of David Levack, a Kingsford man convicted of murdering Joyce Margaret Johnson of Stambaugh Township.

      After months of waiting, the family of victim Joyce Johnson finally witnessed the David Levack murder case come to a close. After being found guilty in May, the judge sentenced Levack to life in prison without parole.

      Officials found Johnson's body last September, the morning of the stolen property trial, where she was suppose to testify against the 41-year-old Kingsford man, David Levack. After months of investigating, law enforcement officials expressed relief after the jury returned with a guilty verdict of first degree open murder, witness intimidation and home invasion.

      "There was a lot of hard work done by, not only the Sheriffs Office, but the Prosecutor's Office and the Michigan State Police. It was really a group and team effort coming to this conclusion," says Iron County Sheriff Mark Valesano.

      The jury reached a verdict back in May, the same day of Johnson's birthday when she would have turned 82 years old. Her family says it was the best gift she could have received.

      "She finally got her day in court. This is what my mom wanted, and she got her day," say the victimâ??s children, Paul Johnson and Sheri Branham.

      During his sentencing, Levack made a statement that he doesn't believe he received a fair trial, and more information should have been presented. The judge responded that he feels the juryâ??s ruling was appropriate for such a heinous crime and sentenced him life in prison without parole.

      Levack is still eligible to file for an appeal, but the judge says he feels he received a fair trial and doesn't believe the ruling will be overturned.